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Custom Leather Works

Welcome to Leatherbee Sewing Contractor! We are located in the Colorado Springs, CO area and offer the best in custom leather work. We exclusively use the highest quality leather, and exotic leathers available. We create a wide variety of items for both men and women. Call (719) 685-4642 today and ask for our portfolio! We can turn your leather fantasy into real item!

At Leatherbee Sewing Contractor we provide a wide range of top quality, long-lasting, custom, leather items that make great gifts for you and for your loved ones. Just tell us what you desire and we will make your dream comes true! Leatherbee Sewing Contractor creates leather items that are not only functional but works of art using time honored traditional methods, tools and genuine, quality leather. We can handle any custom leather repair at decent price.

Each custom designed, second to none piece is customized and carefully created according to your specifications. Attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship such as hand sewing, lacing, buckstitching or braiding enhance the appearance and durability of each leather creation. Contact us today and let us design something for you. Nothing compares to the look and feel of real leather. We also do and professional leather repairs for our customers in Colorado Springs, CO CO.