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Leather Repair Service

Our Colorado Springs, CO clientele ranges widely, we do a lot of work with furniture retailers and moving companies. We also maintain many customers’ leather furniture throughout their offices. We have worked with many interior designers. We from Leatherbee Sewing Contractor are available to all who have leather needs and want to take care of it in the best way possible. We offer special on hand leather sewing service if you need more specific repairs.

Leatherbee Sewing Contractor is a one stop leather repair service that helps you with your leather needs. We work with many types of leather as well as vinyl. If your leather is faded, worn, stained, has pet damage or just needs to be cleaned we can offer a solution for you. Let’s work together to get your leather back to where you LOVE it again! Call for leather sewing service. We are also providing red rocker officials beads.