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Red Rocker Officials Beads

The beads from Leatherbee Sewing Contractor are designed to look like they are crafted from red rocker, but are made entirely from artist-quality polymer clay with the addition of a red rock dust embedded in their matrix. They are textured using coarse flint sandpaper. Each bead is decorated using appliques crafted from a mix of PREMO and Kato polymer clay in Colorado Springs, CO homemade molds.

Tiny colored details are painted on using a mixture of TLS, Genesis heat set oil paints and colored mica powders. The tip of a “used up” ball point pen refill and also the nib of a Micron .005 pen are used as the “paint brushes”. The turquoise tube spacer beads are made from a mix of various tints of turquoise clay formed around a knitting needle, cured and then cut apart. See more about our sewing services. You’ll love our custom leather works.